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                 Note:    This page will be under constant constuction.    Last updated:  April 2016

       +    St. Paul's Beginning's    -    1901    -    1928    -    1949    -    1978    -    2008 forward    -    Our Pastor's  +

1878 - After several years of regular preaching services and instruction classes conducted by Pastor C.R. Otto Mueller
of St. John's Lutheran Church, Waltz, MI, a congregation was formally organized in New Boston at a meeting held
in the New Boston Public School on April 28, 1878. Twelve men signed the first constitution of the new
congregation, named "The German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's Congregation of New Boston, Huron Township,
Wayne County, Michigan."

Pastor Mueller continued to serve the Congregation until the end of June, 1879, when he accepted a call elsewhere.
Unable to secure a new Pastor immediately, the two Congregations were served by a student, Carl Keller, for the
next year.

In the summer of 1880, St. John's, Waltz, and St. Paul's, New Boston, jointly called Candidate John L. Kamin,
who was installed July 18, 1880. He served both Congregations until March, 1883, when he resigned because of illness.
During the latter part of his brief ministry he was assisted by Candidate F. W. Tuegel, who continued to serve the
Congregations after Pastor Kamin resigned. On August 28, 1883 Pastor Kamin was called to Glory and was buried in the
Kamin's private cemetery, two miles East of New Boston. In July, 1883, the two Congregations called Pastor H. A.
Meyer of Taylorville, Illinois.

In June, 1887, the St. Paul's Congregation realized that it could no longer conduct its Services and meetings in
the public school, therefore, they purchased the property at the northeast corner of Ellis and Craig Streets for the
sum of $75. The erection of its first house of worship, a frame structure measuring 28' x 46' x 18' (with a tower),
cost $1,370. This new church was dedicated on the Sunday before Christmas in 1887. Reverend Meyer accepted
a call to Lyons, Iowa in October 1889.

The two Congregations then called Pastor John Harsch of Traverse City, who served St. Paul's until June, 1894. The
Congregation opened a Parochial School in 1893 and student A. Brasch was engaged as teacher. In the summer of 1894 the
New Boston Congregation decided to call a Pastor who would also teach in the Parochial School. Their choice was
candidate George Dirksen of Concordia Seminary, Springfield, Illinois.

In November of 1894 an organ was purchased and dedicated. In 1895 the Congregation constructed a parsonage on its
property at a cost of $650. Pastor Dirksen continued to serve the members of St. Paul's until April, 1899. The following
month the Pastor A. Krafft of Fisherville, Ontario, Canada began his ministry here and served until June, 1901, when he
resigned. It was during Pastor Krafft's brief pastorate that St. Paul's congregation became a member of "The German
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States", which had been organized in 1847.

1901 - On November 10, 1901 the Congregation called Pastor Henry G. Schuessler of Sandusky, MI, who was installed on
December 15, 1901. His salary was $300 a year, with free rent and heating fuel. One of Pastor Schuessler's first acts was
the formation of St. Pauls' first auxiliary organization. On April 20, 1902, twenty-five young people of St. Paul
banded together to form "The Young People's Society of St. Paul", which continued without interruption until Pastor
Schuessler's untimely death in 1940.

In April, 1903 St. Paul's constructed a school, a frame structure 18' x 28', built at a cost of $245, and dedicated it on
October 25th.

Four years later the Congregation enlarged and improved its House of Worship. In 1908 the steeple was built and a bell, a gift
from the Young People's Society, was placed in the tower. This bell was transferred to the new Church in 1950, where it continues
to call worshippers to God's House. In November 1908, Rev. Schuessler began serving Whittaker Congregation; Services were held
every two weeks, on Sunday afternoons. His transportation was by horse and buggy.

In the spring of 1909, the chancel and vestry were added and the entire Church redecorated. Such a complete renovation had been
made to the old building that on Sunday, May 2, 1909 a Service of Rededication was held.

The parsonage next received the attention of the Voters Assembly. In 1913 an addition was made and the entire structure was placed
upon a foundation.

Up to 1915 all Services were held in the German language, but from then on until 1921, the saving Gospel was
preached in the English language once a month. After 1921, two services in English were held monthly.

In 1918 the school was closed and the religious instructions were held on Saturdays. The time honored "Christenlehre" (German
catechetical review) continued to be held until about 1923, when the first Confirmation in the English language was held. Thereafter,
English instruction classes were conducted by the Pastor before Church Services. In the spring of 1927 the Sunday School was formally
organized with classes for all ages conducted after the Sunday Services.

The second auxillary organization to be called into being was the Ladies' Aid Society, which formed on October 14, 1923 with
nineteen members.

In 1924a pipe organ was purchased and dedicated in a special Service on Sunday, March 23rd. In 1925 the Congregation, assisted by
the Young People's Society, built a basement under the Church, installed a furnace, and laid a new floor in the Church proper. New
pews, a gift of the Ladies' Aid Society, were then installed.

In 1926, an addition measuring 18' x 26', inculding a stage, was built up to the school and a foundation was placed under the
entire structure. The Young People and the Ladies' Aid Society presented plays here. Also in 1926, Rev. Schuessler's 25th Anniversary
was observed. The Congregation gave the Pastor a new Model T Tudor sedan and the Young People's Society gave him $25.

1928 - On April 29th, 1928 the Congregation noted the 50th Anniversary of its founding with special German and English Services.

In 1939 a kitchen was added to the school building.

On November 14, 1940 Pastor Schessler was fatally injured in an automobile accident. Funeral Services were held at St. Paul on November
17th with burial in Michigan Memorial Cemetery in Flat Rock.

On February 6, 1941 Pastor Harold C. Bernthal of Greenville, Illinois was installed. Weekly English Services were introduced and the new
Lutheran Hymnal (TLH) was adopted. The Sunday School was reorganized and sessions extended. Personal soul winning received renewed emphasis
and membership increased rapidly.

On April 29, 1942 initial steps were taken toward the construction of a new and larger Church. A Building Fund was established. Because
of restrictions and scarcities accompanying World War II, the immediate construction of a new Church was impossible. To relieve crowded
conditions, a balcony and mother's room were added to the old Church.

On May 30th, 1946 Rev. Bernthal accepted a call to Our Savior Lutheran Church in Detroit. On September 8, 1946 Pastor Walter L. Gienapp
of Petoskey, Michigan was installed. The following fall the Christian Day School was reopened with an enrollment of thirty-two pupils in
grades one through eight. Mr. Raymond Bauer of Toledo, Ohio was called as teacher.

1949 - On April 3, 1949 the Congregation voted to proceed with the construction of its new House of Worship, which was to be built on the
southeast corner of Craig and Ellis Streets. Ground-breaking ceremonies were held on May 15, 1949. Construction began immediately and the
cornerstone laying service was held on July 24, 1949. The building was completed the following year, with new furniture and a new organ,
at the cost of $170,000. The new House of Worship was dedicated to the Worship and Service of the Lord on September 24, 1950.

1978 - 100 years in the Lord's service!

2008 - 130 years in the Lord's service! In the past years a renewed focus on spiritual renewal and growth has occurred at St. Paul's by our
Lord's grace. The congregation enjoys the good will of the community as she labors to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as a mission outpost in
the world, living and teaching the unchanging Word of God to the changing lives of those who walk in our doors, by "Addressing Contemporary
Life with the historic Christian Faith". As the community grows, so has St. Paul grown as we have welcomed, by God's grace, new members into
our congregation and the Lord's Kingdom. This continues to be the focus of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, as our mission statement
reveals: "The mission of St. Paul's Lutheran Church is to share the message of salvation and love of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit
in our service to glorify God, the Father." Our prayers continue to rise to our gracious Lord to bless us as we serve Him in His Kingdom to
the glory of His name.

2014 - In the spring of 2014 Pastor Cullen accpeted a call to Lutheran High School South, to become their new Principal and to also
serve as a teacher.

2016 - On Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 Pastor John W. Schwartz was installed. Following the 3 PM service, a reception dinner was held in
the Activies Room.

       +    Soli Deo Gloria   +                

                                 Our Pastor's:    1878 - Present

The Rev. C.R. Otto Mueller       1878 - 1879
The Rev. John L. Kamin       1880 - 1883
The Rev. H.A. Meyer       1883 - 1889
The Rev. John Harsch       1889 - 1894
The Rev. George Dirkson       1894 - 1899
The Rev. A. Krafft       1899 - 1901
The Rev. Henry Schuessler       1901 - 1940
The Rev. Harold C. Bernthal       1941 - 1946
The Rev. Walter L. Gienapp       1946 - 1958
The Rev. Daniel H.F. Richert       1959 - 1977
The Rev. Carl F. Trosien       1978 - 1987
The Rev. Robert F. Allmann       1989 - 1998
The Rev. D. Lee Cullen, Jr.       2000 - 2014
The Rev. John W. Schwartz       2016 - Present

We would also like to thank and remember the following Pastors for all of their help to our congregation over the years:

The Rev. Stanley R. Au Buchon       (Vacancy Pastor '77 - '78)

The Rev. Paul O. Richert      (Vacancy Pastor '77 - '78)
Called to Glory:  October 8, 2013

The Rev. Herbert G. Geisler      Emeritus (Vacancy Pastor '87 - '89)

The Rev. Marvin G. Anderson      (Vacancy Pastor '98 - 2000)
Called to Glory:  June 24, 2001

The Rev. John E. Mackowiak      (Interim Pastor 2014)

The Rev. Joel M. Holls       (Interim Pastor 2014 - 2016)

The Rev. Roger Aumann       Emeritus

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Pastor: The Rev. John W. Schwartz
Pastor's Office Hours: Mon-Wed, by appt.
Phone: (734) 753-9048 or (734) 753-5597
Address: 19109 Craig St.
New Boston, MI 48164
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 274
New Boston, MI 48164