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Here you will find past sermons, monthly newsletter messages, and other items of special interest.   Please continue to
check back, as this page will be constantly updated.   + Soli Deo Gloria +

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Current Newsletter Message:

Currently our newsletters are sent out via email; please make sure the Church Office has your up to date email address. Note, paper copies are also available in the Narthex.

Newsletter message - April 2013    (PDF)

Audio of Services:

MP3 audio files of our Services are linked below; more files will be posted as they become available. Click on the date links below to download. Please email the Church Office with your feedback and any issues you might have; thank you.

Special Interest:

Donate an Armed Forces Devotional Book here.   Concordia Publishing House

LCMS Guide to Religious Organizations and Movements - Evaluations, from a Lutheran theological perspective, of a broad range of religious organizations and movements - both Christian and non-Christian, such as the Church of Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Salvation Army, just to name a few.

Modern Reformation Magazine - A bi-monthly magazine dealing with theology, apologetics and cultural issues.

The White Horse Inn - Nationally syndicated radio talk show discussing Christian theology and apologetics (defense of Christian doctrines).

As they say: "Know What You Believe and Why You Believe It"

KFUO Radio Home Page - Inspirational Christian Radio for the World, broadcast by the LCMS

American Red Cross Home Page

Habitat for Humanity - Monroe County Home Page

The Archives:

Newsletter message - March 2013    (PDF)

Newsletter message - November 2008    (PDF)

Newsletter message - May 2008    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - March 2008    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - February 2008    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - January 2008    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - December 2007    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - Summer 2006    (PDF)

Newsletter Message - March 2006       (PDF)

Newsletter Message - February 2006       (PDF)

Newsletter Message - January 2006       (PDF)

Newsletter Message - December 2005       (PDF)

Newsletter Message - November 2005       (PDF)

Newsletter Message - September 2005      (PDF)

Newsletter Message - May 2005      (PDF)

Easter Morning - "The Big Words of the Bible - RESURRECTION" (PDF)

Easter Sunrise - "The Big Words of the Bible - RESURRECTION" (PDF)

Good Friday - "The Big Words of the Bible - PROPITIATION" (PDF)

Maundy Thursday - "The Big Words of the Bible - PASSOVER" (PDF)

Lenten Midweek 6 - "The Big Words of the Bible - ATONEMENT" (PDF)

Lenten Midweek 5 - "The Big Words of the Bible - JUSTIFICATION" (PDF)

Lenten Midweek 4 - "The Big Words of the Bible - RECONCILIATION" (PDF)

Lenten Midweek 3 - "The Big Words of the Bible - IMPUTATION" (PDF)

2nd Sunday in Lent - "God's Love Is Revealed in Christ" (PDF)

Lenten Midweek 2 - "The Big Words of the Bible - REDEMPTION" (PDF)

1st Sunday in Lent - "How To Understand Temptation" (PDF)

Ash Wednesday - "The Big Words of the Bible - REPENTANCE" (PDF)

Sermon - 6th Sunday after the Epiphany - "The Lord's Will Is Always Best" (PDF)

Sermon - 5th Sunday after the Epiphany - "Make and Take Time for Solitude with God" (PDF)

Sermon - 4th Sunday after the Epiphany - "Jesus Has Power over the Powers of Hell" (PDF)

Sermon - 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany - "Living with the Sense of Urgency" (PDF)

Sermon - 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany - "The One in Whom There Is No Deceit" (PDF)

Sermon - The Epiphany and Baptism of our Lord - "Jesus Concealed, Jesus Revealed" (PDF)

Sermon - New Year's Day - "Circumcised in Christ" (PDF)

Sermon - Christmas Day - "God Tabernacled Among Us" (PDF)

Sermon - Christmas Eve. - "God's Christmas Peace" (PDF)

Sermon - Ascension Day 2005     (PDF)

Sermon - Pentecost / Confirmation Day 2005     (PDF)

Sermon - Holy Trinity Sunday 2005     (PDF)

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Pastor: The Rev. D. Lee Cullen, Jr.
Pastor's Office Hours: M-Th, by appt.
Phone: (734) 753-9048 or (734) 753-5597
Address: 19109 Craig St.
New Boston, MI 48164
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 274
New Boston, MI 48164